Business Bloggers: This one’s for you!


When’s the last time something really exciting happened in your life? They type of event that you recounted to everybody who came near you, if they had a pulse and ears, you were sharing your story? People start to grimace when you’re coming close because they KNOW you’re going to tell them all about it, if they want to know or not!

Now when’s the last time you wrote something for your business blog that had you that excited?

BTW: I’m not talking about the excitement around the launch of product, book, service, etc. I’m talking about the excitement that comes from:

I can’t wait to sit down to write about ABC and share it with my readers!

Um, did you just hear the clock ticking loudly as you tried to figure it out?


Don’t worry! It’s okay and it happens the best of us. There are definitely times when I just have NO excitement, passion, or oomph for my blog. It happens.

But don’t let your blog become too much of a boring-facts-how-to-articles-not-really-FUN type of publication. Let your readers SEE your passion and excitement for your business, industry and topic shine through your writing!

Remember what you really LOVE about what you do and then begin sharing that passion and excitement with your readers! Remember that while you write is someone who is just finding you NOW, today, and that she needs to see your love of what you do coming through onto the page.

Here’s your assignment:

Find something you’re passionate about in your business (NOT a launch!) and then write a blog post about it. Bonus points if you then excitedly share the article on social media!

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Kimberly Eldredge

Kimberly is an author, illustrator, and entrepreneur. She helps coaches, speakers, and authors take the content they already have and FINALLY get their book written and published.
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11 Responses to Putting the Passion Back into your Blog

  • Great challenge! The post I wrote recently about security for your blog certainly had that passion for me. Not so much the FUN part though. I had been percolating an idea and commit to get it out soon. (I’ll base it off of a picture you recently “Liked” of my somewhat unique selfie.)
    Stephanie Calahan recently posted…How to Find Content Ideas that Your Ideal Clients are Looking ForMy Profile

  • You are exactly right Kimberly, and that is what I try to convey when writing each one of my posts. Is this worth being read? Am I putting all in it? When I do, I hope my readers learn something, or I can help them to reach their goals, or have a fun moment.
    Thanks for your savvy post
    You Made My Day recently posted…DIY Lemon & Honey Face MaskMy Profile

  • I used to have that passion for my blog. Now I’m starting to run out of ideas and my brain is being less and less helpful. Thanks for all the advice! :)
    Hillary recently posted…My Monthly Check-In #1My Profile

  • Great reminder!
    Before blogging I used to have an email newsletter, and now I can often find myself caught between putting the personal stuff on facebook,and articles on the blog.

    Yes, the articles are full of things I am passionate about, and hopefully people enjoying my blog will ‘friend me up’ on FB too, but I often wonder if I should go for slightly shorter blog posts, less able to stand alone as articles.
    That’s something I’m going to revisit, thanks for the nudge,
    The Great Gordino recently posted…Paralympic Goal Achievement – Inspiring Yourself?My Profile

    • Gordon, I’m a firm believer in a mix of long and short posts. I HATE it when you get into a great piece of information and the author stops short and doesn’t give it the full treatment the topic deserves. On the other hand, I also hate it when all the articles take forever to read and I can’t do it in a crack of time.

  • Oh, I just had a realization this morning that I thought about writing a blog about that sums up what I do or the reason for what I do in a nutshell and I wondered if it was appropriate blog content. Your message here validates that it is. Thank you!
    Christine Alejandro recently posted…Success Factor #5- Action PlanMy Profile

  • I had a mentor tell me once to really pay attention to things that I rant about, get on the soapbox about etc. Because those are topics that I am passionate about. So now, every time I get worked up over something (could be something positive, could be something frustrating) I make note of it as it could be a potential topic to write about.

    Kimberly I really liked your statement, “Remember that while you write is someone who is just finding you NOW, today, and that she needs to see your love of what you do coming through onto the page.” I completely forget this most of the time. I will now look at each new post from this lens before publishing it – fantastic reminder!
    Brenda Adams recently posted…4 Tips to Curb OvereatingMy Profile