There are a variety of reasons to have someone write a guest post for your blog ranging from highlighting an expert to taking a much-needed break from the weekly requirement to provide an article.

When you feature a guest article on your blog, you’ll usually get a boost in traffic from the guest author’s social media efforts.

Here are some things to keep in mind when posting a guest article:
Make your requirements crystal clear. That’s your deadlines, links to their site, how you expect them to promote the post, and when/if they can use the article on their own website, and when the post will appear. I would also suggest a length – word count is universal whereas page count can vary a lot.

Request a topic. This makes it easier for the guest blogger so she gets an idea of what topics will resonate with your readership. Understand that you may end up with an article that doesn’t share your views on a topic. Most of the time, a guest blogger will not use your blog for THEIR personal platform, but it does happen.

Be prepared to offer a benny. The benefit to the guest author is not only a link to their website and a short bio but you can also give your readers a link to the guest author’s opt-in page. Lots of people WANT to be guest posters for that reason – to build their list.

So just how do you get a guest post on your blog?

First off, ASK! You can feature a client, business associate, or vendor and build your relationship with them. It’s a great way to help somebody else build their credibility by getting in front of your people.

I personally like to ask clients to be my guest authors since I will also feature their article in my newsletter. But I’m also working on reaching out to several people I “know” through reading their blogs or having met them through social media.

When you’re approaching someone to be a guest author on your blog here’s a great “formula” for your email.

  1. Introduce yourself and your blog. This might include explaining how you know them.
  2. Thank them for their time! This is thanking them for reading the email; don’t assume they’ll write for you.
  3. Invite them to write a guest article. Be specific about what you’re looking for, deadlines, topic, length, etc.
  4. Share what you’ll offer in return. This is the link to their website and/or a link to their opt-in gift.
  5. Give some details about your readers. This isn’t just age, gender, and demographics (although all that is good too!) but more about do they like pictures, bullet points, etc.
  6. Tell them when the post will appear and how you’ll promote it.
  7. Thank them again and offer to answer any other questions they might have.

Think of getting a guest expert to write a guest post for you as forming a partnership. You can have this person post for you again, promote you in social media, become an affiliate and maybe even co-create products down the line.

Here’s the key: this is a busy professional you’re talking to. You want to be clear and succinct and respectful of their time. But in my experience, most people are more than happy to help you out. And they’ll do it for free – in exchange for a link.

But don’t forget your manners! Even if they say no, send a thank you card (go for the big bucks and MAIL a real, handwritten card!) If they say yes, send them the thank you card AND a link to the article and social proof of how you promoted it.

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8 Responses to How To Get A Guest Post On Your Blog

  • I’ve done this and it helps!

  • A BENNY… I never thought of that. Thank you so much for this awesome and detailed post. I think a lot of bloggers will surely find value in your suggestions.. I especially like the BENNY – providing writers with an opportunity to grow their list. WOOHOO

  • Great, practical advice and steps to follow. I always enjoy a guest blogger and the opportunity to be exposed to someone I might not have come across myself.

  • Guest blogging is a great way to become exposed to a new audience. Another way is by doing interviews, using the same formula you described here. Nice list.
    Wendi Kelly-Creative Clarity Coaching recently posted…What Is Your Sales Value?My Profile

  • Thank you for this actionable advice. I also like the concept of a Benny award, who wouldn’t want one? Guest blogging is a great way to reach a new audience, and likewise, for the blog owner it brings in fresh perspectives, expands the reach of the blog and of course helps out with keeping new content flowing. Readers love it too – so it’s win-win-win. Thanks for sharing!
    Juliet recently posted…One small step for a leader, a giant leap for a lurker!My Profile

  • Great idea Kimberly. I have been a guest blogger on other’s pages and I really appreciated the clear ask with topic and timeline. They were really good about asking what I wanted to promote and create a call to action as well.
    The question I have is how to decide who to ask on my blog? I want them to be aligned in philosophy, but provide something interesting and slightly different to my audience. So, how do I go about that?

  • great blog! How does the guest provide you with the blog? Is it sent to you in Microsoft office or do they write it on your dashboard? Do they provide the images??? Thanks!
    Christine recently posted…Nutrition Counseling DefinedMy Profile

  • Kimberly — I actually read this several days ago, and I am EXCITED to report that I’m having lunch with a woman I’m planning to ask to contribute! Thank you for this. I’m in an every-Monday blogging group, and it is so hard to keep up, it’s a great idea to share the public space, thank you! xx Angela
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