Last week I participated in a comment exchange party – each participant posted a link to a blog post that she wanted additional comments on and then OTHERS in the party would leave comments on the post.

Makes total sense, right? You get more traffic on a blog post, they get more links to their website, you get to read new articles, your name is seen by more people… It’s a win-win, right?

Well, maybe. There are a LOT of factors involved when it comes to commenting on other people’s blogs.

  1. MOST blogs have a nofollow policy which means that the link to YOUR website is listed as nofollow. Now, I’m not an SEO expert but I think this boils down to the link isn’t as valuable as an incoming link with a nofollow tag as it is without.
  2. People don’t always reciprocate. In an event like this, it’s completely possible I would comment on more blogs than would comment on mine.
  3. Time. Even if you skim the articles, it still takes time to read them. But the biggest time-overhead is the commenting itself. And sometimes it’s tough to even figure out HOW to comment!
  4. Finding something to say. There have been times I’ve been involved in comment-swaps like this and I knew NOTHING about the blog’s topic and had zero interest. Makes it hard to say anything that “Thanks! Great post!”
  5. Not all blogs delete spam comments, moderate snarky or mean commenters, or engage with their readers. Personally, I reserve the right to delete ANY comment on my blog.

So how DO you write a good comment on somebody’s blog?

Decide WHY you’re doing it. I’m usually looking to get my name out there and expand my visibility in the blog-o-world. And with most blogs not offering a ‘follow’ link back to MY site, SEO reasons aren’t my main consideration.

Standardize your “profile”. Most blogs ask for name, email address, and URL. Always put in the same information! I also recommend having a gravatar image. Here’s how.

Give a blogger encouragement. If there’s a blog you like to read regularly, even if it’s just your friend’s blog about her kids, comment and tell her you liked the pictures of the birthday party! I read once that for every reader who comments, there can be up to TEN readers who don’t!

Comment from your computer, not smartphone. It’s not that you CAN’T comment from a smartphone, it’s just that it’s a 1,000 times EASIER to do it from your computer! Save yourself the headache.

Set aside time each week to do your commenting. I set a timer for 20 minutes a day and work through the blogs I read as part of my groups. If that doesn’t work, and some weeks, it doesn’t I set aside time first thing on Friday mornings.

Give yourself enough time to read the post, think about it, and comment thoughtfully. NOTHING is worse than spending hours on a blog article to get a bunch of comments that say: “Great post. Thanks for sharing!”

Do thank the author for the post. It is just good manners! But then take the time to tell them what you learned, what you liked, share a quick story, etc. But please, go beyond the “Great post. Thanks for sharing!”

Relate your comment back to your favorite point of the post. This may not be the MAIN point! Because I regularly participate in comment swaps I comment on blogs that don’t always relate to my life – especially blogs about parenting. I have no frame of reference for RAISING kids so I tie my comment back to when I WAS a child.

Make it meaningful – if you can! If you REALLY can’t come up with anything meaningful to write (it happens occasionally) try for a more robust version of the “Great post” comment. I can ALWAYS say something like “Thanks for taking the time to write this article [blog author]. I never really thought about [post topic] and how it [impacts my life/impacts subject of the blog].” I ALWAYS feel bad about leaving such a skinny comment so I try to follow up with sharing it on social media.

Share on social media. Most blogs have “share” buttons on every post. If it does, give the author a little extra love and share the article on your favorite network. I’ll be honest here: I share on Facebook ONLY things I know my people are interested in; I share everything else on Twitter since my followers there are more random.

Share THIS article! Commenting on blogs does build your site’s SEO and your own visibility and credibility. But you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t get into the habit of leaving quality comments!

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14 Responses to How To Comment On A Blog Post

  • Great Post!

    Seriously, I really appreciate your suggestions, especially on blogs where I have no point of interest. And yet, I appreciate when people leave comments on my blog posts, so I attempt to do the same for them.

    My purpose of commenting is getting my name out there as well, but I want the comments to reflect on me in a positive way.

    I would also encourage people who want more comments, to make it easy to leave them. There have been many times when I write a comment and then have to go sign up for this, or jump through that hoop, and I will abandon the comment after about the third hoop. (maybe the second as well).

    • I’m with you Arla! If it’s too difficult to comment, I’m outta there! I hope that this article makes its way through the interwebs and helps people write engaging comments that build ALL our audiences!

  • Woohoo on two counts: Thanks for giving some solid tips on how to comment on blog posts & thanks for linking to my post. :)

    I love the template that you shared for how to comment when you don’t know what to share. I don’t participate in blog comment challenges like that because I don’t want to read posts on topics I’m not interested in. Too many posts that I do want to read! With that perspective, I have found that many blogs that I like and provide value for me often have authors that come to my site and participate too. So, instead of comment parties, I seek hashtags on topics that are interesting to me and comment there.

    As I’m supplying this comment (and almost all of my comments) via my iPhone, I do disagree on banning commenting from phones. I’m mobile a good majority of my day. Reading and commenting between activities is how I get it done.

    For things that I write often, like my name, email address & website, I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts. I can type “St” and my whole name types. “Se” for my email and “sw” for my site. Few keystrokes and common stuff is typed.
    Stephanie LH Calahan recently posted…Getting Rid of Visibility Blocks and Blocks to Your Success – Interview with Stephanie Calahan by Gary Smith @OptechsMy Profile

    • Hahaha, Stephanie! I wondered if you’d disagree about the phone vs computer bit! You are one of the few people I know who can FULLY utilize all the bells and whistles on a smart phone. I get frustrated too easily when a site isn’t mobile friendly and makes commenting hard. PLUS, I’m not super accomplished at typing on my phone. For texts I’m fine, for anything that represents myself or my business: I want a full-blown keyboard!

  • Dear Kimberly,

    I have read a lot of different people not liking short comments but I think most of those people are participating in the blog commenting programs that you mentioned and that is why.

    That is generally why I DON’T participate in them. I would rather have a few people who are actually interested in what I’m writing about read my posts and comment on them and then if THOSE people write a short comment, I’m happy about it.

    As far a Google is concerned, a comment is a comment regardless of its length.

    Now, having said all of that, I did really like your tips for making better comments and especially the suggestion to share the post on social media if you do post a short or less meaningful comment.

    It is always nice to see your items being shared and that certainly DOES help your SEO and exposure.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for your great post.

    Kathy Hadley

    Found you from the UBC!
    Kathy Hadley recently posted…The Manifesting Miracles AdventureMy Profile

  • Thanks Kimberley for this article, I am really a novice at all this and that’s why I went in for the UBC Challenge. It was great to see this advice and I will start putting it into practise!!! Also learnt something new in reading the comment from Stephanie, I didn’t know there were shortcuts for typing on the smartphones! Thanks

  • Hi Kimberly, Thank you for the 101 on blog comments. I must admit I only read a few blogs that I get via email. I don’t normally comment on the. That is going to change. I really like the idea of taking some time out just to read and comment on post.
    I honor the “deleting comments” factor. I think that is setting a standard of what is acceptable in your blog world. :)

    With love,
    Yani Ransome recently posted…This is the Key to a HAPPY lifeMy Profile

  • Kimberly –

    Great post – thanks for sharing! (lol!) I find that sometimes I participate in the UBC and can get really stuck on what to comment when it’s a topic I’m not interested in – or have no experience with. Your template will really help. Plus, the reminder that just 20 minutes each day can make such a huge difference with my attitude (really, it’s not a huge project!)! I agree with you – I get extremely frustrated trying to comment from my phone. Stephanie is one in a million (in more ways than one!) when it comes to utilizing technology!

    Lisa Mallis recently posted…What is Your Greatest Time Management Challenge?My Profile

  • Hi Kimberly – this was useful information on how/why to post comments on people’s blogs. I have found that when there is a blog exchange, I tend not to comment unless I feel like I have something to say and I gravitate towards topics I am interested in. I particularly like the reminder to share someone’s post that you like on social media – it helps them build traffic but it also helps me be seen as someone who shares useful information.

    Even on UBC – I will post in the comment thread if the two posts above mine are of interest, if not, I will wait and check back later. Most of the bloggers are awesome and I definitely have some favorites!

    I have also read that including a signature in your comment is a great way to build visibility and connect with others (see example below.) I have started doing that recently and will see what happens. CommentLuv is awesome as well for sharing other’s posts. I have found some favorite posts from people’s links through this plug in.

    Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

    How’s your relationship with money? Take a free assessment.
    Minette recently posted…How to Market Your Business in 30 Minutes a DayMy Profile

  • YES! It’s funny because .. WHO DOSEN’T WANT COMMENTS?! And meaningful ones, which I try to do. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten a comment notification to go check it out and see simply ‘good post’ (like you said). Uhm. Thank you but… anything else? LOL

    I have kidded myself in the past that I blog for myself and that’s all that matters. And although I do… it’s nice to have folks read it, understand it and comment on it!

    Not only a good post, but a thoughtful one. I’ll definitely remember it as I take part in the UBC! :)
    anewlis recently posted…Weigh In WoesMy Profile

  • Wow. I am so happy you wrote this. You took the words right out of my mouth. Well…sort of. I couldn’t have said it any better. I get involved with these comment swaps. And for the most part, it is really cool…being able to share with those who would never reach you, and discovering random blogs you wouldn’t necessarily find otherwise. But SOMETIMES…sheesh…it’s not easy commenting. ESPECIALLY because I have a very short attention spam, and tend to write blogs in the way i like to read them – short and sweet. Unless it’s full of useful, “bookmarkable” stuff – like this one. I’m also very niche – food blog – geared to parents. It’s not for everybody. Anyways, I’m going to certainly share this. And refer to it when I’m having a “blank” moment.
    Sara Bradford recently posted…Grain-Free Maple Cake with Berries & Coconut WhipMy Profile

  • It’s so fun to get the chance to leave a comment about leaving a comment! :) Great article with some simple and practical tips. Thanks for writing it and sharing your expertise on this still-emerging matter!