Anybody who knows me knows I don’t believe in writer’s block. It’s impossible to be SO blocked that you can’t write ANYTHING!

That being said, it is completely possible and common to become stuck on a project. For example, my book about beginning camping: “Pitch Your Tent: A Family’s Guide To Tent Camping” had me stuck several times. For some reason, the writing JUST wasn’t flowing.

And frankly, this week’s blog was a lot like that. It wasn’t that I didn’t have some GREAT ideas and that I was struggling to work on this month’s editorial calendar. Nope, it was that I wanted some ideas that would work inside of my time constraints THIS week. I don’t have an over-abundance of time right now to devote to researching and writing and planning and outlining some of my more complicated article ideas.

As you’re planning your weekly writing, keep this in mind! Some articles are FANTASTIC but take longer to put together than others.

I’m not blocked at all: I can write a LOT on several projects that have nothing to do with what I publish on this website. I’ve got great ideas (and even article starts) on really fabulous topics about writing and blogging and publishing.

But I was still “stuck” on a relevant, easy-to-write topic for this week. So I’m pretty much taking the copout and writing ABOUT being frustrated!

Here’s my plan for the rest of April until my time frees up a bit:

  • Record all these article ideas (with some notes) in my business journal
  • Brainstorm some articles that are less labor intensive to get me through
  • Ask a trusted associate to write a guest article
  • Keep writing!

Because here’s the thing about writing: it’s an exercise. And when you go too long without putting words on a page you lose “muscle tone”. So keep writing, my friend!

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Kimberly Eldredge

Kimberly is an author, illustrator, and entrepreneur. She helps coaches, speakers, and authors take the content they already have and FINALLY get their book written and published.
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10 Responses to Help me, I’m stuck!

  • Ahh… I have been there my friend! One trick that works for me is to write a story that covers a problem a client recently had. The writing comes out fast because it is recent in my mind.

    I also keep record of all my future post ideas, but I keep them in drafts of WordPress. I find writing inspiration hits at odd times for me. By keeping the drafts in WP, I can log in from anywhere and add to the different pieces fast.

    Good luck!
    Stephanie Calahan recently posted…What is Your One Key Thing?My Profile

    • Stephanie I know people who SWEAR by drafting posts in WordPress. I don’t like the WYSIWYG and hardly use it. BUT I do the same thing with Evernote. I love me some Evernote!

      The idea of an article from a current client question or problem is great! I rolled that around in my head but I couldn’t think of a non-super-prickly client problem for a quick article. I’ll keep it in mind for the future!

  • I always like to keep an editorial calendar or post ideas so that I can brainstorm on them later. Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Barbara recently posted…Educational quotesMy Profile

  • Yes, it can be tough finding the time you want to write a piece. I write two pages of business news for a local newspaper each week and sometimes I just don’t get around to pieces I want to write for myself. Making a note of topics is essential so you don’t forget.
    robertz recently posted…Will pianists please observe the speed limitMy Profile

  • I completely get this post! I’m learning to write out my ideas even if I don’t have time to fully flesh them out so that I can refer to them later when I do have time. I’m also looking around for more guests so I can free some writing time to “create” more. Thanks for this! Good article.
    Sedruola Maruska recently posted…April Ultimate Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  • Hi Kim, love this post and it’s good to know we aren’t alone in sometimes having challenges thinking about what to write. I’ve received so much feedback from various bloggers about ideas for blogging and I keep them in a file and look through them when I need inspiration. I also did a brainstorm myself of ideas and keep that list handy too. I like Stephanie’s idea of drafting ideas in WordPress. I do this as well and it makes it easy to come back to it and finish the thoughts.
    Tandy Elisala recently posted…Day 978 of captivity: Why Cats Do The Things They DoMy Profile

    • That’s a great tip of keeping suggestions from bloggers and clients, Tandy!

  • Hi Kim,

    I use a notebook to jot down ideas. This is very helpful.

    But, you are right, some ideas are much more labor intensive.

    It’s easy to think that if the blog post isn’t GRAND it’s not good.

    But, often times it’s the simple posts that get the attention.