This week, I’m attending Maribel Jimenez’s EXCELLENT event so I asked my dear friend and client, Camden Hoch, to share some yoga moves that are perfect for those of us who spend a ton of time at our desks. I don’t know about you, but after a day sitting at my computer, my shoulders are tight and my lower back aches.

Camden has fixes for both!

Video Timeline

0:00 Intro

0:38 Meet Ms. Jackson the Wisdom Kitty

1:07 Why you should do this: The 7th Inning Stretch

1:43 Breath work

3:07 Maintain breath-work for oxygen circulation for mental clarity

3:32 Yoga poses to open shoulders and release tension: moving shoulders

4:52 Yoga poses to open chest to loosen upper back: breath work and stretches

6:29 Yoga poses to continue to release and relax back: Cow & Cat

7:51 Feel the energy circulation, vibrance, and radiance

8:07 Camden’s suggestions to open your hips as you work

8:49 Yoga pose to open hips: Chair pose

9:44 Yoga pose to continue to open hips: chair pose with twist

10:14 Conclusion

10:48 Bonus tip!

11:10 Sign off from Ms. Jackson

At 8:07 Camden talks about a chair she recommends. Here are the links:

About Camden
Camden Hoch is the Founder of Radiance Enterprises and creator of the Radiant Life and Biz Coaching Program. She is recognized as one of today’s leading experts in teaching methods to embrace life daily with attention and intention to balance. Her teaching style encourages connection through honest and rich relationships uplifting global value and connection. She has mentored and empowered hundreds of clients in choosing to power up their lives and businesses from the inside out!

Find her at

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10 Responses to Guest Post: Camden Hoch

  • Thank you for this Kim, both you and Camden are an amazing souls and coaches always providing enormous practical values.

    • Thank you so much, Biljana! I knew Camden was the perfect person to share with everyone while I was away.

  • Great Video! The actual stretching exercises total the perfect length for my periodic 9-minute work/water breaks throughout the day.

    • Awesome Denise! Camden’s yoga poses are easy and feel WONDERFUL. I’m glad you’ll be incorporating them into your day!

  • This is so important!! Our bodies were not intended to sit for long hours in such sedentary careers, not matter how active your ‘other life’ may be. Stretching at work is a sure way to keep your body and mind in top shape for the best results all day, even while sitting on your tush.

  • Thanks for sharing this video Kimberly. I try to get away from my desk yet it’s so easy to stay parked and work-work-work. When I do pause, breathe and move I am certainly more clear. Maybe Camden can pop over to my place regularly and remind me!
    Elaine Wellman recently posted…Randy the Rebel: 6 Ways to Think Like an EntrepreneurMy Profile

  • Thanks for the great reminder to take time and do this!! After watching this, I’ve picked up a couple stretches I am going to do this week as a break from my work! I know I forget how important it is to do this!

  • I love yoga and do it all the time, its great to have a new resource to come to. I enjoyed the video!
    Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations recently posted…When Your Best SucksMy Profile

  • We spend so much time sitting, having something so easy to do that gets us moving is so important. As a fellow yoga instructor myself, I loved this post (no bias here).
    Brenda Adams recently posted…YOU Are a Walking ExperimentMy Profile

  • Thank you so much for giving me this little break! I actually got up and moved and breathed, and it felt fantastic. I’m coming back again, maybe later today. I have GOT to get moving more.