Attention: Coaches, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs Who Want To Write To Increase Your Reach, Credibility & Expertise

Do you want to write a book that will get your message out to your prospects about what you do but you’re worried that nobody will want to read it?

You need the PERFECT idea for your book that will make your prospect say “Yes! THIS is what I want to know!” You can easily discover the topic for your book that your prospects can’t WAIT to buy and read.


From the desk of Kimberly Eldredge

Dear Book-Writing-Friend,

On the surface, writing a book seems so easy and straightforward, right? You just sit down and put everything you know into a book and


Instant credibility. People are banging down your door to get more of your mojo. You stand out from your competitors. Your name is well-known in your industry. You’ve attracted media attention. But somehow you can’t figure out how to get started writing your book…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re completely overwhelmed with ideas and have no idea how to narrow it down to ONE red-hot topic.
  • OR you have no idea how to generate a book-length idea that your prospects want to read.
  • AND you’re worried you’ll put all your good stuff into one book and your coaching business will suffer

061414-IdeaIt’s not your fault! You completely understand WHY you should write your book (credibility, attract clients, expand your reach) and HOW to write a book (put fingers on keyboard – type words into computer).

What’s missing is the magic bullet:

WHAT to write about! Here’s a hint: not every idea is a great book idea. You need a single red-hot idea that:

  • Proves you’re an expert in your niche – you wrote the book on it after all!
  • Attracts just the right prospects to your book and encourages those prospects to BUY your book
  • Delivers exactly what you promised (offering your reader a powerful transformation) and nothing else
  • Leaves room for the reader to contact you to find out more about how you can help them – you solved their immediate pain BUT you didn’t give away the farm; there’s more to learn from you!

Step #1 in writing a kick-ass book is THE IDEA


The Book Idea Workbook:

10 Can’t-Fail Steps to a Book Your Prospects Can’t Wait to Read

(And You’re Excited to Write!)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this breakthrough course:

TheBookIdeaWorkbook-WebModule 1: Coming Up With Lots of Ideas

Before you rush off to write the PERFECT book you need to find the perfect idea. And we both know ideas don’t grow on trees! In Module 1 you’ll get complete three exercises that will unlock your mind with a flood of ideas AND give you plenty of ideas and prompts for lots of future projects.

Module 2: Refining Your Ideas & Uncovering Your Book’s Topic

Here you’ll take your raw list of ideas and uncover the topics YOU’RE most excited to write about. Then, you’ll learn how to figure out which of these topics makes your prospects sit up and take notice.

Module 3: Organizing The Book & Writing Your Outline

You’ll have narrowed your book down to ONE red-hot topic and now it’s time to put flesh on the bones of your idea and create the skeleton of your book. Not only will you make sure you’ve collected all your ducks, you’ll get them in a row and make sure that you’re not giving away the cow and the chickens!

In other words, you’ll expand on your idea, organize it into an outline, AND make sure you’re not putting in too much information to overwhelm the reader.


Testimonial-MarinaMcQueenI found Kim’s Book Idea Workbook is a great resource to begin creating my book. I’d not realized that having the right idea is the starting point to writing my book! It was amazing to me to see how many ideas I did have waiting to be expressed and I thoroughly enjoyed all the exercises.


I felt I was drilling down into my essential message with each exercise, which brought me greater awareness of what I was REALLY enthusiastic to write about, rather than what I should be writing about! I am looking forward to what emerges from these exercises ~ thanks Kim!


Marina McQueen


So now you may be wondering:

How is this all going to work? How am I going to get my hands on all this amazing information?

Well, here’s how I’m going to deliver it to you:

  • 10 exercises to jump-start your creativity, refine your ideas, and painlessly structure your book
  • A 45-page workbook that guides you through every step of the process
  • Three 20-minute audio trainings that walk you through the workbook (But I’m not READING the workbook to you)

This sounds fantastic Kim, but how much is it all going to cost me?

Your idea is the #1 key to writing a successful book. And I’m committed to making sure that everybody can easily come up with the PREFECT idea for their book.

I want to reward you as an Inspired Action Taker which is why I’m offering it to you at the low-price of $97.

This course can be completed in just a few hours (although I recommend sleeping between Module 1 & 2 to let the ideas percolate!) so you’re not committing to days or weeks to come up with YOUR perfect idea.

There’s no risk to you… whether you have tons of ideas or are coming up blank, you’ll generate TONS of ideas for your book and be able to narrow it down to one must-read topic. I’m so sure of it I’m taking all of the risk…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I want to put all the risk on my shoulders and I don’t want you to feel like you’re risking anything. If you don’t come up with a ton of exciting ideas, anytime within the next 30 days just send me an email and I’ll refund every cent of your money

Yes Kimberly! I want to come up with an awesome idea for my book and know that my prospects will be excited to read it with The Book Idea Workbook: 10 Can’t-Fail Steps to a Book Your Prospects Can’t Wait to Read (And You’re Excited to Write!)

For my investment of $97 I’ll get:

  • The Book Idea Workbook as a downloadable .pdf
  • The MP3 trainings that go with the course

And I’m covered by your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Your book’s money-making idea is waiting for you!





PS: As a “hidden” bonus: when you complete the idea generating exercises in Module 1, you’ll also come up with enough “other” ideas for blogs, podcasts, videos, and products to keep you busy for months!