An answer to the five most commonly held misconceptions about self-publishing


When I speak to authors, and would-be authors, I keep encountering the same set of ingrained ideas about the self-publishing industry. Most of ideas aren’t exactly the truth. In fact, some are just flat-out wrong.

What worries me is that these misconceptions are keeping authors, entrepreneurs, and anybody who’s ever wanted to publish a book from actually doing something with their manuscript. To help you get started on your self-publishing journey, and to clarify why you need to self-publish your book, I’ve written a brand-new eBook “5 Self-Publishing Misconceptions: Debunked!”

In it, you’ll learn why the five most common “truths” about self-published books are nothing but fluff.

  1. How self-publishing can help you attract clients
  2. If people are looking for what the topic you’re writing about
  3. If you can make any money in self-publishing
  4. Your publishing options including publishing for’s Kindle
  5. What your first step is to become a self published author

PLUS how you can still be a published author even if you don’t have a book written yet.

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