About Kim

Author. Publisher. Reader. Beach-lover.


Kim realized early on in life that books and the written word were a passion. At the ripe old age of three, she demanded to learn how to write her last name so she could get her own card at the Prescott Public Library. From there, she read all the books she could get her hands on and even convinced the Children’s Librarian that if she could carry them, she could check them out.

(Kids were normally limited to checking out three books at a time!)

In High School, Kim learned that there was actually a degree program for writing! (One that wasn’t just English or the more academic Journalism.) Kim attended the University of Arizona, majoring in Creative Writing and later adding a second major in Spanish.

After earning a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing & Spanish, Kim set about to realize her writing goals. She quickly became disenfranchised by the chicken and the egg cycle of “Dead Tree Publishing”

To get published, one must have an agent. In order to get an agent, one must be published.

To get published, one must have an agent. In order to get an agent, one must be published.

and the difficulty of seeking publication for genre writers. Kim has been published in several anthologies, magazines, and other publications. She has had stories, poems and articles published.

One of the major issues Kim has with “traditional” publishing is the generally accepted fact that writing contests are the key to publication, attracting the attention of an agent or editor, and finding main-stream success. Contests are expensive, often don’t allow simultaneous submission, and aren’t a sure-fire road to publication.

They are, however, a sure-fire road to spending a ton of money in contest entry fees and at the Post Office!

Kim also doesn’t like the way that “Dead Tree Publishing” controls too much of what gets published in the marketplace; relying on historical data and not on what is currently trending in the interests of readers.

Oh, you write THAT? Well, we only publish THIS!

Oh, you write THAT? Well, we only publish THIS!

The Independent Self-Publishing Revolution couldn’t have come at a more opportune time!

Kim realized that she would be able to publish the books that she loves to write and not be told “NO!” by the summer intern wading through a slush pile in a windowless room. She’s taken class after class on how to publish eBooks for Kindle, spending thousands of dollars in training.

But she found that each class was lacking in some important way:

  • How to publish for Nook
  • Exact steps for formatting
  • How to set your price
  • The best cover designs
  • How to get reviews
  • Writing a title that rocks (and sells!)

In addition to offering publishing classes, Kim also offers full-service Assisted Self-Publishing where you provide the manuscript and it will be hand-formatted for Print & eBooks. All you have to do is upload and go!

And, unlike other eBook publishing teachers, Kim is a writer too, publishing her own stories, children’s books, non-fiction, and cookbooks.


Why “On The Beach”?

Yes, it’s true that On The Beach Publishing is based Arizona, where there are no beaches. Well, there are no salt-water beaches! There are, however, plenty of places where water meets Earth. And it is for all those places where On The Beach Publishing gets its name.

After all, who doesn’t want to be able to sit at water’s edge and read a good book? OR relax in that same spot knowing that somebody, somewhere in the world, is buying a copy of your book?

“On The Beach” is the go-to term that embodies what we’re all looking for out of our shared love of reading: the perfect beach read and the valued readers who make it all possible!

And as for Kim, she has a deep and abiding love of the outdoors. While you’ll rarely find her on a sandy beach near the ocean, you’ll find her on all other types of beaches in Arizona!

Kim kayaking the Salt River.

Kim kayaking the Salt River.

You can read more about Kim’s outdoor adventures at TheOutdoorPrincess.com