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Kindle Publishing Webinar: Crafting Killer Titles

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About Kim

Kim Eldredge, has been published in numerous anthologies, magazines, and websites. Looking to break out of the "Dead Tree Publishing" industry that dictates what can be published, where and for how much, Kimberly has started publishing for Amazon's Kindle & Barnes & Noble's Nook.

With her no-nonsense approach to publishing, she teaches authors of all levels and genres her step-by-step guaranteed system for publication. Kimberly quickly cuts through the techno-junk associated with publishing eBooks to get authors the tools they need to self-publish their manuscripts and get back to writing.
What People Are Saying About Kim:
This seminar takes all the mystery out of eBook publishing. Kim is interesting & engaging while presenting me with the tools to successfully complete the publishing process.

I feel like I benefited from her trial & error and all the expertise she's gained.

I'm excited to go publish my book right now!

Jessica Schultz


Painless & easy to understand!
Kim made the thought of ePublishing painless and easy to understand to everyone wanted to publish in the eBook world. She included everything that an author needs to know to get started or finish the process.

I went home, applied her teachings to my manuscript and I was able to hit the "Publish" button on Amazon five hours later!

Kim saved me time, frustration and my family's sanity!

Kris Mazy