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Guy Kawasaki’s Best Tips for Publishing Your Own Book

Popular author, investor and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki Kawasaki delivered a keynote speech based on his 2012 self-published book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book. He gave an audience at the annual BookExpo America conference some advice: Publish your book yourself.

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14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design

Covers, for many authors, turn out to be an afterthought. And the lack of planning, design and reader-based execution can really impact a book’s sales: in a bad way. James Smith of offers 14 must-know tips for making a cover great.

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Self-publishing is nothing new. The web just makes it easier

While self-publishing may not be new, what it’s doing to the author’s ability to get her work into the hands of readers has completely changed the publishing game. And has changed the author-reader relationship forever.

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Have you ever written one of those stories that just sticks with you? Back in 2007, I got a wild hair and decided to take an Italian class at my local community college. I am already fluent in Spanish as well as my native English and thought, what the heck! I’ll learn Italian too.

(Ok, ok, so there was a guy involved… The dating didn’t work out but I had fun learning Italian!)

For a little class at the local college, it was a lot of fun. There was a great mix of for-enrichment students, going to Italy on a vacation students, and 18 year old college kids. All was fun and games until one day, our professor, Mario, announced that he’d be missing a class. We could either make it up (no fun) or do a writing project.

I’ll bet you can guess that I was one of the few who thought the writing project would be fun!

It could be about ANYTHING. It had to be two pages, written in your best Italian. Which, at the time, consisted of very limited vocabulary and verbs in the present tense only. Hey! It was eight weeks into an Italian 101 class, what do you expect!

Beyond the writing assignment, each student also had to give an oral presentation. Eek! Well, actually, with my background in Spanish, the grammar wasn’t scary and I knew my way around a dictionary and a 501 Italian Verb book like riding the Madrid Metro. But to actually SPEAK Italian. Well, I speak Italian to this day like an American with a Mexican-Spanish accent butchering the language. Sorry!

From that assignment was born:


Pastarelli, the poor pasta maker.

Pastarelli, the poor pasta maker.

What better use of beginning language than to write a children’s story, geared towards beginning readers. For the presentation, I sat on the desk with a HUGE picture book I’d illustrated myself and “published” by turning brown paper grocery sacks inside out. It was just like the books we used to read as a class in Kindergarten. For a “snack” I gave out little baggies of farfalle (bowtie) pasta which features in the story.

It was a hoot! A great story. Everybody was laughing. The pictures were engaging. I took home an A+.

And then he sat. Poor, poor Pastarelli. He had his ten minutes of glory in a college Italian class and then sat in his picture book in my closet. I’d always told myself that I’d brush him off someday and get him published.

But if I thought getting a children’s book (or any book) published was a headache, imagine the daunting task of convincing an editor or publishing house to take on a children’s story in Italian. That wasn’t a bi-lingual story. Nope, just Italian. And I have a lot of art training so I was VERY particular about how I wanted the illustrations created.

So Pastarelli sat some more.

Then, I realized what a hypocrite I was being. Come on, Kim! If you’ll indie publish all your other stories and your cookbooks and your how-tos, why WHY would you sell out and try “traditional” for Pastarelli?!

Is the story cute?

  • Yes.

Do you have all the tools to draw and scan in the illustrations?

  • Yes.

Can you find somebody to help you edit the Italian?

  • Thank you Facebook for introducing me to Simona Wright, a friend’s grandma who’s a native Italian speaker AND an Italian professor.

So what are you waiting for?
It was tax season. I work in my family’s tax practice 60+ hours a week. And I discovered that I really enjoyed kicking back each evening with my oil pastels and my chamomile tea to draw Pastarelli. It took all tax season, working on it just an hour an evening, three nights a week. Pastarelli has over 20 all original illustrations plus a few that were “composites” that I drew the pieces and then layered it together in Photoshop.

I also translated Pastarelli from the original Italian and into English and Spanish. I figured, why not?

Then, in early May, I was able to fulfill another life-long publishing dream:

I’d written, illustrated, and PUBLISHED my very own children’s book.


I also realized that there were other stories I had sitting on the shelf just waiting like Pastarelli & Pesto (Italian) and El Grifo (Spanish).

The moral of the story:

Dead Tree Publishing isn’t going to come knocking. Navigating that publishing process won’t get any easier. And at the end of the day, indie publishing isn’t a cop-out. It’s the ONLY way to get the stories out of the drawer in into the hands of readers.

Get Pastarelli and his Princess from now:


My name is Kimberly Eldredge and I teach entrepreneurs, novelists, poets, and authors in all genres the ins and outs of self-publishing your eBook for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

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2. What are all the parts of an eBook and how to make them work for you

You know you need content but what else do you need to put in your eBook? Here’s a hint: not all types of
books need a Table of Contents
. Figure out if your eBook needs one, how to create it and where to put it.

There are big differences between the must-have parts of an eBook and the printed books lining your
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3. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about copyrights, taxes, and ISBNs

What is an ISBN? (International Standard Book Number) Do you need one? How do you get one? The rules
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because I
lay out all the answers for you.

And I answer questions you may not have even known to ask about copyrights, trademarks, and more. I even
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4. Formatting your eBook & designing your cover

Book CoversCovers (and titles) are what draw in your potential readers but the formatting is what keeps them reading. The
right format can make the difference between and easy-to-read eBook and getting returns and bad reviews.

Formatting is imp
ortant and THE most difficult aspect to try to learn yourself. Don’t do it alone!

5. Pricing your eBook so you get lots of sales

Every book, every genre, and every niche has a pricing “sweet spot.” I’ll teach you how to find the best
starting price point for YOUR manuscript and how to test your prices to make sure you’re maximizing your

Now is the best time to start your eBook publishing journey. I’ve made every mistake under the sun and am here to help you avoid the pitfalls and save yourself a TON of time.

There is no “bad” time to publish on The only way that eBook publishing isn’t a good way to get your message heard is if you just flat-out DON’T publish.

So now you may be wondering, “Kim, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me to…”

  • Publish on more than one eReader platform
  • Identify the parts of an eBook and make them work for me
  • Learn about copyrights, taxes, and ISBNs
  • Format my eBook and design my cover
  • Price my eBook to sell

Here’s my answer:

I’ve designed this training to go much deeper than any other product on the market. Not only will you get in depth answers to all your questions but you’ll also get the tried-and-true knowledge from somebody who’s been there and is publishing eBooks.

There is no get-rich-quick jargon in these classes. I’m not going to tell you to buy copy or hire someone to do the work for you. I will, however, give you all the tricks, tips, and resources I have to make your publishing experience as pain-free as possible!

And the specifics of how I’m going to do this:

You’ll receive five recordings (plus a bonus Q&A with questions taken from my live classes), plus a binder full of course notes, slides, and resources. Plus, you’ll also receive samples, tips and examples that will make your life easier.
Great Bonuses:
BONUS #1: Getting Started Business Guide 

BONUS #2: My complete list of proven resources to help you publish. This includes cover designers, artwork
sources, editors and more!

And the best news?

No homework! You can do everything at your own pace.

Again, don’t feel that your manuscript has to be FINISHED in order to take advantage of this great information. You can apply this knowledge at any time. And don’t feel that you have to have a 200 page book either! I’ve seen authors be successful publishing everything from 30 recipe cookbooks to novels to a white paper designed to attract more clients into a coaching business or mentoring plan.

And for anyone who has a service-based business (coaches, mentors, professionals, etc) I also go over how to use your eBook to attract new qualified clients and get paid to do it!
So now you’re probably wondering: what is this going to cost me?

Here it is in plain English. I’m straight-forward and to the point. And I always like to consider the worst-case scenario before making any decision.

I don’t have to sit here and tell you that the home study course alone is easily worth $197 (which is the investment, by the way).

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I’m not going to compare it to the cost of having Starbucks every day or that it’s less than one expensive weekend away at a fancy hotel.

Attract Passive IncomeAnd I’m not going to talk about the stress of having your manuscript locked in a drawer where nobody can read it. Or how your well-written whitepaper isn’t attracting any clients on your website when it could attract the eyes of hundreds of paying clients on who are looking for an answer to their pain. And I’m absolutely not going to mention that you can receive passive, residual income from book royalties.

I think you’re already doing the math in your head and seeing that the cost of not moving forward with your expertise, passion and creativity far outweighs the financial investment.

So what do you have to lose? Isn’t the book in you worth it?

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Kim made the thought of ePublishing painless and easy to understand to everyone wanted to publish in the eBook world. She included everything that an author needs to know to get started or finish the process.

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